How is Stress Affecting Your Life?

When we believe that health is simply the lack of illness, we miss the key, most important reason for being alive. We’re all aware of the social, health, psychological and financial difficulties that stress can place on us. However when we look at life as a series of stressful situations to be dealt with then we often lose out on the benefits and excitements that life has to offer. By using a simple formula called FSA, (fantasy, structure, action) we can literally remove stress from our lives. Click here to learn more. How to quit smoking

But I’ve tried everything!

You are not alone. It really is amazing what people have put themselves through - either living with a problem for far too long or trying to fix a symptom without healing the source. Lawrence Hypnotherapy can help you to look, sound and feel better. You are more than your past and deserve the very best for your future. Contact Lawrence Hypnotherapy now to discuss how we can help you take back control over the quality of your life.


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Welcome to Lawrence Hypnotherapy


Hi I’m Scott Lawrence, clinical hypnotherapist.

When people talk to me about hypnotherapy, there’s two standard

questions that I’m always asked. One is how does it work and the

other is, “Are you going to make me cluck like a chook”

Believe it or not, the second question is asked more than you think.

For that reason I’d like to answer the second question first.



Q: Will I cluck like a chook?


A: By now many of you have heard that a hypnotist can not make

your do anything against your will. Let me clear up a very grey

area for you. Although you can not be controlled, you can be

influenced. Advertising companies have known this for years

And have been using this to influence your buying decisions.

In order for you to take back control over your decision making

process, a change has to take place in your daily ritual, which

leads me to our next question.



Q: How does hypnosis work?


A: If you knew the power of your thoughts, you would never have

another negative thought ever again. This is the fundamental outline

behind hypnosis. By following these three rules you can use the

power of self hypnosis.


1. Your self talk creates your emotions

2. Your emotions create your decisions

3. Your decisions create your life.


Hypnosis taps directly into these rules much quicker by accessing your deep sub conscious mind. I can help you reach your thoughts, emotions and habits by leading you down through the stages of consciousness into your natural hypnotic state.


If you knew the power
of your thoughts,
You would never have a
negative thought ever again!


Diploma of Hypnotherapy
Certificate of Counseling
Australian Hypnotherapy Association Clinical Membership

Director of Lawrence Hypnotherapy
Studied at the Academy of Hypnotic Science. (the ONLY Victorian-based provider of fully accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy training)

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It is my privilege and delight to have you

choose my clinic for your experience of hypnotherapy.

Let me help you discover how your mental state

effects the choices you make.


Article by Scott Lawrence

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Melbourne, 3136



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